What is a private cannabis club?

According to the Federation of Cannabis Associations (FAC), cannabis associations “are associations that self-supply and distribute cannabis among their own partners, all of them of legal age and in a private sphere, without reaching third parties, reducing the risks associated with the black market and the use of cannabis and thus actively participating in the improvement of society.”.

The consumption is entirely recreational but, in some cases, people can show their medical record to prove or request access for specific THC low level flowers.

Catalonia is the autonomous community with the most cannabis clubs in Spain, a precursor to this movement by being the creator of the first association in Spain: the Ramón Santos Association for Cannabis Studies (ARSEC).

The city of Barcelona is considered a great place by many brands in the sector, with the presence of more than 300 clubs since 2012 and place where two of the most important events in the sector such as Spannabis are hosted.

Spain has a strong cannabis community, which fought for their own their own legislation to consolidate the use of cannabis in private associations by regulating the recreational use, transporting1, and growing of marijuana by clubs.

Each country that has decriminalized private consumption and possession establishes a maximum amount of cannabis that must not be overcome in order not to fall into crime. Quantities may vary depending on the legislation, but it is always important to address this aspect as fundamental within the smoking club.

1 The transporting is a condition imposed exclusively for clubs, do not think that people can transport weed on the street, for more information read the Spanish law here by reading page 11 article 19 “transportation”.

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